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The cabriolet is the convertible version of the smart fortwo, a two-passenger subcompact car with a surprisingly large interior for its Lilliputian dimensions. The cabriolet received a modest facelift for the latestwith a revised lower air intake that gives it a more aggressive look. The grille was also slightly redrawn, and it now incorporates the smart logo.

Car Features

Car model: Cabrio Seats: 2 Air Conditioning: Yes Transmission: Manual ABS: Yes
Brand name: Smart Number of doors 2 CD player Yes Engine capacity 800cc Power windows: Yes
Stylish and fun, the Jimny is built to tackle the big bad city. Its distinctive looks mean you will always arrive in style. Its just one adventure after another - head off the beaten track and get closer to nature - with its adaptable 4WD capability at the touch of a button, the Jimny is as rugged as it is versatile.

Car Features

Car model: Jimny Seats: 4 Air Conditioning: No Transmission: Manual ABS: Yes
Brand name: Suzuki Number of doors 2 CD player Yes Engine capacity 1.300cc Power windows: No
The Peugeot 107 plunges you into an urban oasis, a sanctuary of comfort and elegance for you to rediscover the pleasure of driving in the city. With its large and lively personality, specifically made for urban living, the 107 loves to go out and also look after the city. The 107 cares and wants to contribute to protecting the environment.

Car Features

Car model: 107 Seats: 5 Air Conditioning: Yes Transmission: Manual ABS: Yes
Brand name: Peugeot Number of doors 4 CD player Yes Engine capacity 1.000cc Power windows: Yes
Sizzling hot in winter. Ultra cool in summer. The new Chevy Spark is guaranteed to be the perfect accessory, no matter what the weather. With drop dead gorgeous interior finishes and trendy new exterior design, the Chevy Spark is fashion's new favorite.

Car Features

Car model: Spark Seats: 5 Air Conditioning: Yes Transmission: Manual ABS: Yes
Brand name: Chevrolet Number of doors 5 CD player Yes Engine capacity 1.000cc Power windows: Yes
The first thing you’ll notice about the 5-door Fiat Punto is its sedan-like appearance and natural elegance. From the new front, characterised by big light clusters, to the excellent habitability of the interior, featuring new colours and restyled instrumentation, with a multifunctional display using legible, user-friendly graphics, and redesigned facia.

Car Features

Car model: Punto Seats: 5 Air Conditioning: Yes Transmission: Manual ABS: Yes
Brand name: Fiat Number of doors 5 CD player Yes Engine capacity 1.260cc Power windows: No

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I make a reservation to you?
Reservations can be made using the request form, by email or phone

Car insurance includes?
The car rental rate includes the following insurance:
Car theft Protection Third Party Liability
Optional full comprehensive insurance (CDW)

Can I have extra drivers?
Yes you can have extra drivers, as long as we are informed.

Do you have automatic cars?
Yes we have the Hyundai i10 with an automatic gearbox.

Can I extend my reservation?
Yes, you are able to extend your reservation. Please contact us in order to arrange the extention.

Is full insurance available?
Yes, of course you can have a full insurance option during your reservation. Full insurance Collision Damage Waiver is a service that reduce your liability for damaging the car, its parts and its accessories as long as the car is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. The waiver carries an excess of 450 Euros. That means, your liability concerns the first 450 euro in case of an accident. The excess excludes glass (windows etc), tyres and any damage.

What are your operating hours?
The operating hours of our office are 9:00 to 21:00 (GMT +2) 7 days a week.


How will I recognize you?
Depending on the Delivery & Collection locations you have chosen, there will be a representative from Autorad Car Rental Services holding a card with your name. In order for the Autorad member to identify you, please have your ID card and drivers license with you.

Can the car be delivered or collected beyond working hours?
No, the car must be collected or delivered within the operating hours, 9:00 till 21:00 (GMT +2)

Where am I able to drop off or pick up the car?
You are able to pick up and drop off the car anywhere in Mykonos (port, airport, hotel, any spot on Santorini). There is no charge for the delivery and the collection.

Upon pick up, is fuel provided?
Yes, fuel is provided upon pickup. There are many petrol stations around the island. On drop off, the car needs to have the same amount of fuel as it had on pick up.


Can I transport a rental car on boat to another island?
A written license issued by Autorad is necessary, in order to transport a rental car on boat. The rental car is not under damage or loss waiver, during sea transport.

What do I do in case of car breakdown or accident?
Autorad provides 24/7 roadside assistance. In case of car breakdown or accident, just give us a call and a team of experienced mechanical engineers will take care the rest. Also, keep in mind to file an Accident Report along with the third party motor vehicle driver, if involved, so you can claim the car damage waiver. Please read carefully the section on Car Insurance, stated on this web site.


If I return the car earlier, do I get reimbursed?
Yes, we will reimburse you.

Are there any penalties for a delayed drop off?
In this scenario, you need to contact us so that we can determine whether the car is going to be available. If the car is not reserved, you will be charged on the usual rate for the extra days. The car must be returned at the time which was previously agreed with a leeway of 1 hour. If car is returned after this hour, you will be charged for the day.


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